How can we use technology to help children understand each other better?
This question was posed by the Interaction Design and Children (IDC) Conference in the first phase of the IDC 2018 Research & Design competition. Children around the world submitted their ideas to answer this brief, which can be seen here. These served as the basis for the competition’s second phase, in which designers were invited to develop design concepts building on the children’s submitted ideas.
Create is a proposed platform that allows pre-adolescents (8-11 year olds) to collaboratively illustrate short stories. The core function of the app allows children to read a daily story, and then connect with other users online to illustrate different elements from the story at the same time. Each user within a group will be assigned one element (such as a character, location, or prop) to draw. After a set amount of time, the drawing session will end, bringing the users to the resulting illustrated story.

2nd place in the Interaction Design and Children (IDC) 2018 Research & Design competition

A secondary function of Create involves being able to browse and search for others’ creations in order to gain inspiration and see how others interpreted the same elements in different groups. A third function allows users to draw independently with no restrictions. Children may save their art locally to their devices and export them to share through email or other means.

For more information, see the full presentation video below.
CollaboratorsBetsy GarwoodImana Onipe, and Nick Labate
Instructed by Professor Gretchen Rinnert
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